Samsung Galaxy Q Review

Samsung are said to be prepping a QWERTY version of the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy S based on a spec list which found its way on to Samsung’s Download Support site. Whilst there wast not a accompanying photo, the specifications page was quite detailed and also looks to point to a top-end touchscreen/qwerty hybrid though at this time we can only imagine on the looks of this. From this list we are able to see which the Samsung Galaxy Q capabilities... [Read More...]

HTC Desire Review

The HTC Desire mobile phone is the in-house version of the Google Nexus One so what we get is a dazzling smartphone working the very newest version of Google’s Android operating-system (v2.1 or Éclair for all those still keeping count). In addition to the updated OS, the Desire, which was previously known as the Bravo will also boasts HTC’s own Sense user interface which gets updates from Facebook and Twitter, updates your pals status within... [Read More...]

Two New Android Phones – Nexus One Vs Xperia X10

Android mobile phones have grown in popularity in the past six months or so/. Most of the major manufacturers of handset are starting to produce a phone capable of running on the Android OS. It is a great time for mobile phone fans and more specifically Android fans, as two new handsets are set to enter the market very soon. These handsets will be made by Google and Sony Ericsson.Many people think that Google are already in the market, but there not.... [Read More...]

Google Nexus One Vs HTC Desire

To start off a comparison on the two android mobiles, we shall begin with, by reflecting on what they have in common. Both the Google Nexus One as well as the HTC Desire have an identical structure to the cases, despite the fact that the surface might vary a little. The two handsets use the 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED displays, 1GHz Snapdragon CPUs along with 5-mega pixel cameras with an LED flash.. There is insignificant differences with the specific measurements... [Read More...]

Google Nexus One Review

So the first significant mobile event of the new decade: the launch of the Google Nexus One. The only way you will not have heard of this handset, is if you have been living on the moon for the past few months. This is undoubtedly a superb piece of engineering and is making big waves in the mobile phone world. The bar gets raised yet again and we’re hardly out of the starting blocks for the year so far, with so much more likely to follow. Ergonomically,... [Read More...]

Google Nexus One To Cost $1000

We have heard some rumours that the highly guarded Google mobile phone will soon be making its first appearance. We have heard the term Google mobile phone in the past, but these often referred to phone that used the Google OS. The name of this phone is rumoured to be the Nexus One and will come with a whopping $1000 price tag on its head. This rumour comes by way of a “tweet” from Twitter, from someone who has said they work for Google,... [Read More...]

HTC Hero Review

The HTC Hero runs on the Android operating system, developed in part by Google. Downloadable applications, full customisation and support for Google sevices such as Google Maps, G-Mail and Google Search are all Possible with Android. The Hero runs the latest version of Android meaning that it dispenses with a hardware QWERTY keyboard in favour of an on screen one which helps to keep size and weight down. This phone has much more sleeker, slimmer and... [Read More...]

HTC Magic Review

The HTC Magic brings you everything you love about the internet, exactly how you want it. It will keep you entertained, up to date and in touch, wherever you are. Exclusive to Vodafone, the HTC Magic is the second mobile to run on the Android OS. The first was the T-Mobile G1. One of the most notable differences between the Magic and the G1 is the lack of a QWERTY keyboard. This makes the HTC Magic much slimmer, lighter and more pocket-friendly. The... [Read More...]

T-Mobile G2 Touch Review

Identical to the HTC Hero, the T-Mobile G2 Touch is the latest touchscreen smartphone to come with the Android OS. Despite its controversial, angled chin, the G2 Touch is probably the best looking Android phone so far and it has several new improvements and enhancements. The all-new user interface, called Sense, lets you view a log of all communication channels for a chosen contact. Simply choose a name from your contacts and within a single view... [Read More...]

Google G1 Review

The much anticipated Google developed Mobile Phone – The G1, is finally available in the United Kingdom. The G1 is exclusively available in the UK on the T-Mobile Network, and is therefore named as the T-Mobile G1. The T-Mobile G1 aims to redefine what it means to be kept in the loop and is looking at making a serious challenge to Apple’s iPhone for the next generation of mobile phones. With the new T-Mobile G1 mobile phone, mobile Internet... [Read More...]