HTC HD2 Car Kit Car Charger and Gooseneck

Average Customer Rating

  5 out of 5
  • FoneM8 unique product
  • Specially made for the HTC Desire and is NOT universal like other car kits
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Strong suction mount holder allows you to move the arm into virtually any position which is ideal for hands free phone calls and satellite navigation
  • Includes Car Charger
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One Response to “HTC HD2 Car Kit Car Charger and Gooseneck”
  1. Ken Oliver says:

    Top Quality
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    This mount as you should expect is a top quality item, made for the HTC HD2 by HTC, I had been waiting for this mount to become available and in the mean time had used various cheaper brands, all failed me in some way,I found the mount easy to fit once you have worked out which two yellow dots to line up (the middle ones)there are three and the instructions are not that clear, the mount is secure, no vibration and it will not come loose and fall off on a really hot day as some do, the only thing I have found strange is when I mount the HD2 the navi panel loads on the Phone as it should, but on my model when I use the navigation icon my Co-Pilot software reverts to the standard version and all my customisation is ignored ( Live features, fuel Prices,text to speech and personal setting)once taken off the mount the customisation returns, to overcome this I have unselected Navi Panel on the phone, this way all my customisations and extra feature work fine , no one as yet can explain this to me , but not withstanding that issue I recommend this product and for pace of mind and the security of your HD2 it is a must