HTC Desire Car Kit Holder Windscreen Mount

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  • * Specifically designed to work with the HTC Desire
  • * 3 joints to position the HTC Desire anyway in the car
  • * Includes an HTC Desire car charger
HTC Desire Car Pack Description of HTC Desire Car Pack: Hold your phone safely and legally in your car. The Car Pack holder lets you store your HTC Desire in your car in a number of different ways. The holder is designed so that it can be adjusted to suit you in the car. There are 3 main joints which allow you to turn the Nexus One into a position most comfortable for you. HTC Desire Car Pack The first is a 360 degree bracket which allows you to turn the Desire from the upright position to on its side. The other joints allow you to turn the holder so the Desire is position so you can view it safely and legally. Car Pack For Desire The holder also includes a car charger which is designed to work specifically with the HTC Desire so you can ensure that your Desire is always fully charged whilst you are on a journey. Car Pack For The HTC Desire more


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