HERBERT RICHTER Swivel Air Vent Car Kit Mount

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  3 out of 5
  • Rotate your device to portrait/landscape while mounted to car air vent.
  • Swivel mount allows you to angle your HTC HD2 Smartphone in the perfect position.
  • Dedicated HTC HD2 Smartphone Holder
  • Includes Free Car Charger for your HTC HD2
HTC HD2 Smartphone professional vent car mount. Herbert Richter are a leading manufacturer of Quality Mounting solutions. This holder attaches to your HTC HD2 Smartphone holder securely to any air vent. This car mount is ideal for any HTC HD2 Smartphone user. This holder can be used with all Herbert Richter Mounting attachments.

If you have recently purchased a HTC HD2 Smartphone, you will know how good quality the screen is making it ideal for in car satnav, in car movies etc, Make the most of your HTC HD2 Smartphone with a dedicated HTC HD2 Smartphone car mount from GPSFORLESS.

Made in Germany.

Why Buy Herbert Richter?
HERBERT RICHTER is a leading manufacturer and your partner for »IN CAR CUSTOM MOUNTS«! A renowned innovator, we have been manufacturing universal car accessories, storage systems and mounting solutions for nearly fifty years.
Under the brand HR-AUTOCOMFORT our accessories are well known for their superb design and quality.Today we are one of the leading and most innovative manufacturers of mobile mounting solutions.
Our Mounts are very easy to install within a short period of time!

Box Contents:
1 x Herbert Richter HTC HD2 Dedicated Holder
1 x Herbert Richter Swivel Vent
1 x HTC HD2 Car Charger ....read more



One Response to “HERBERT RICHTER Swivel Air Vent Car Kit Mount”
  1. S. Hunter says:

    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    Grips the phone nice and firmly, but the air vent mount is a little shakey. This is due to the fact that air vents move of course. Should have thought about that! Doesn’t make the HD2 Navi-Panel launch, I suppose you need the HTC mount for that.