Google Nexus One To Cost $1000

We have heard some rumours that the highly guarded Google mobile phone will soon be making its first appearance. We have heard the term Google mobile phone in the past, but these often referred to phone that used the Google OS. The name of this phone is rumoured to be the Nexus One and will come with a whopping $1000 price tag on its head.

This rumour comes by way of a “tweet” from Twitter, from someone who has said they work for Google, not sure if this is true and maybe Google will string them up for leaking this. This Google rebel has even posted a picture of the Nexus One to really get us interested, you never know, this could be fake, or even a planned leak by Google themselves.It has been suggested that 5 of the staff at Google have been given the handsets to try, so i think this a planned PR stunt rather than a actual leak.

What to expect from the Google phone is the 1GHz Snapdragon processor that was also used in the recently released HTC HD2 mobile phone. The Google Nexus One loses the 4.3 Inch screen and will use a smaller and more compact 3.7 Inch screen, not sure if this is a good or bad thing, depends if your obsessed by size or not. Oh, and we forgot to mention that this mobile phone will also have a OLED screen, which, for people like me who are not in the know, this will give you a much better screen resolution and improved power efficiency. Great idea, because a drained battery and get on my wick.

Google Nexus One

The Google mobile phone is said to include a 5.0 mega pixel camera and is going to run on Android 2.1 which was rumoured as a minor update to Android 2.0 that boasted a unified email inbox, SMS and MMS search, improved camera controls, improved keyboard layout and double tap page zooming to name but some of the more important changes. So far guys, this is all we know.

It has been mention on Fox News that the Nexus One could cost upto $1000 when it is released. This is because Google will be manufacturing the handset themselves and there is no subsidisation from a carrier to bring the cost down. Not sure if that is true, but it does seem rather pricey in the current financial climate. If it does cost that much, they better make it good.


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